The multilingual Te Selle Family History website contains history, stories, documents, photos, and memorabilia about the origin and evolution of the Te Selle Family from its beginnings in Winterswijk, Netherlands, through the emigration of many Te Selle family members from the Netherlands into the heartland of America. This website also links to our Te Selle family genealogy website, where you can trace your lineage back to the original te Selle–Harmen Wijggers, aka Harmen te Selle (1685-1736).

This website incorporates the work of many family members during at least the past 25 years. The following pages in this “About” section provide additional information about specific aspects of the Family History Project and this website.

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The Te Selle family is excited to share this TeSelle Family website with families and friends who are curious about our family history.
Did the Te Selle family have a coat of arms? Historically, no -- but there is one now!
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