FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides you with some answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a “Cloud Service”?

    A “cloud service” is a computing function or capability that is provided to the user via an internet connection. Common examples include email (G-mail, Yahoo, AOL), photo sharing websites (Flickr, Shutterfly), and file sharing websites (Dropbox, Evernote). Many of the popular cloud services are available to the user for free.

  • How can I upload files to the TeSelle Family website?

    To use a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Evernote, you must first open an account with that service provider. Each service has specific procedures for you to follow. For specific information on using each service, please visit our page called, How to upload files.

  • How Can I Convert Paper Documents to Electronic Form?

    Two common methods for converting paper files are (1) scanning, and (2) digital photography. Reasonably priced scanners and scanning services can generate high quality electronic images. Digital cameras can now take high resolution photos of documents. For more information, please read our article called, “How to Convert Paper Documents to Electronic Form“.

  • How do I change the website language between English and Dutch?

    In the upper right corner of each webpage you will see a dropdown box showing either “English” or “Nederlands”, indicating the current language of the website. With your mouse, hover over the language box to select the alternate language.

  • How do I find a specific Person?

    There are three main ways to find a specific person:

    1. Select “Persons” under the Indexes tab in the main menu;
    2. Select “Genealogy” from the menu at the top of the page to visit the Te Selle Genealogy website;
    3. Enter a name into the “Search” box in the upper right corner of any page.