Carolyn TeSelle Valentine

Carolyn TeSelle Valentine

From documents contributed by Ellen TeSelle Boal (niece of Carolyn TeSelle Valentine) with the consent of Mary Lou Valentine and Arlyn Valentine (daughters of Carolyn TeSelle Valentine).

Note from Carolyn TeSelle Valentine to her Minister

Longmont Colo, 80501
Jan. 16, 1984

To the minister of Central Presbyterian Church: Some things about Carolyn Te Selle Valentine you may not know!

I was born and reared (for 10 yrs. of my life) on Fruitland Mesa, Colo. That date was May 11, 1913, by “Holland” (Dutch) parents. My father planned and built our beautiful, ‘show-place’ of that time – on a flourishing mesa 8 miles west of Crawford, Colo. My father was an ordained minister in the Holland Reformed Church, very strict so I knew then, that Jesus was the son of a Triune God! I remember painting the boards (on saw-horses) to help build our unique, 16 sided 3 story barn around a concrete silo in the center – with very few nails, (because they were very expensive then) We fed and milked Holstein cattle, which I had to help do morn. + eve. We had a Delco light plant, so could grind ensilage, of sunflowers, for the silo for our cattle. Had irrigation, to grew our crops, orchards, alfalfa, grain for all our livestock. Could cut ice for an ice-house, so churned ice cream many times in summer.

I was the baby [of the living children], 3 girls and 2 boys, Lillie Marie Neilson – now of Greeley, Eugene A. Te Selle of Denver, Edwin H. Te Selle of North Hollywood, Calif., Margaret J. Fries of Lake Charles, La. My mother died there when I was 8 yrs. and buried (by horse and buggy) in Crawford, Colo. !
We left the Mesa when I was 10 yrs. and Dad again had taken a pastorate at Matlock, Iowa. He re-married and I had then, a step-brother (deceased) and step-sister (Anna Jean Hofmeyer of Hospers, Iowa) – also now 3 half-sisters Muriel Graff of Allentown, Penn., Amy Sheldon [her husband is] a Rev. in the Presby. Church, 111 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill,Penn., Phyllis Clemens of Sioux Center, Iowa.

I married Arnold L. Valentine in 1937 at Firth, Nebr., by my father as Carolynn M. Te Selle.
Had 2 daughters by that union Mary Lou Valentine of Longmont, Colo and Arlyn Joan Valentine – born Pueblo, Colo. 1945 during World War II – when their father was serving in the Army (overseas in Phillipines then!) Divorced May 1968.
The rest of my life, I know – you know!
Enclosed a separate paper of “Memorial” instructions!!
Do with it, what you desire and have time for!
My girls will not know of all my desires – other than to be “Cremated” Immediately ! , and where I want my ashes “Strewn”! Howe Mortuary, Preferrably, Leaving a copy of instructions for them with my att., Holmes (office), as well !!, “For immediate opening!!!”

Carolyn Valentine
817 Vivian St.

Dad went to Matlock in 1922. Edwin left Crawford Aug. 28th 1923. In Matlock Sept. 2 I started Academy in Orange City Sept. 13 1923.
Lillie, Margie and Carolyn left Crawford June 1923 – The train from Hotchkiss to Gunnison where we visited with Sherman’s mother Zona Neilson at her Millinery store. Then on to Lincoln, Nebr. Tro’ the Royal Gorge – where out on the observation car, I got a cinder in my eye and quite black with soot. My father and new stepmother met us at the Depot in Lincoln.
We all visited many aunts and uncles at Holland, Nebr. all summer.
Aunt Hannah (uncle Alberts’ wife) had a wedding shower for Lillie. She’d had me embroider a sort of bag for Lillies’ shower [called] “Darn the old socks”. Mommie and other cousins had a Mock wedding for Lillie which was very funny: Kendall and Orville and I fought in the sand box.
I had a beautiful Coral Organdy dress for church which was picoted and at Uncle Gerrits’ I was playing ball and the ball went tro the hem of it. How badly I felt !
At Uncle Henrys’ I played all the rolls on their player piano – also one terrible thunder storm – four of their cows were struck by lightening.
Melvin and I got on old clothes and slid down the banks of the creek that went tro’ their pasture.

Tributes to Carolyn TeSelle Valentine from Her Daughters

Note: Tributes to Carolyn by her daughters, nominating her for Mother of the Year at the nursing home where she lived. These tributes are not dated, but they must be from 1999 or 2000.


My mother is very special to me because she always puts my sister and me first. She was and still is concerned about what is wrong or what I am doing. With the love and prayers from the family, she came through cancer surgery and chemotherapy with flying colors when the Doctors gave her only 6 months to live – that was back in 1954, She was in Sweet Adeline’s and sang Bass in the quartet “The Rhythm Wrens”. The quartet went to compete in Florida, then to Santa Monica, CA In 1955 and took 2nd place. They sang all around town and went to Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. They also sang on a TV program in the 1950’s. When they were gone, she would always get a babysitter for my sister and me.

Because of my health I was always slow in school, so she would help me with my projects and homework. I always said, “If it wasn’t for my Mother, I wouldn’t have graduated from High School”.

When I got married in 1958, she made my wedding gown, and did everything to put the wedding together. I was very lucky to be able to move back home after our divorce and we kept each other stable through her divorce and many family problems. Throughout her problems, she still worries about the family’s problems and gives me strength when I am worried.

Mary Lou Valentine

Caroline Valentine is the type of Mother that any young woman would have wanted as they were growing up. When I was going to school, she would make my clothes. First because she could, and second, not because I knew it then, we did not have the money to buy “store bought” clothes. I was always so proud to tell my classmates that my clothes were “originals”, although it was not the “in thing” then. Because of her talents with sewing, knitting, and crocheting, she taught me how to do those various kinds of handwork. I have used those talents numerous times throughout my life and always my Mother would praise me on my work even if it did not look the “best”.

She helped with the income for the family and a few times she might not have been home when I got there. If I needed her to drive the car and take several orchestra members to an outing, she would drop everything to help. The young people always seemed to enjoy having my Mom take us places because she really could be a fun person to be around.

Her living at Life Care, and my not being close enough to help her, has been difficult for me. A Mother should always have her children close by when they now need them, but my life has taken other paths. I am certain that she understands that, but because she was always there for me. I should now be there for her.

Thank you for this opportunity to nominate Carolyn Valentine for this honor. She has been a best friend and a great Mother for all of my years as her daughter.

Yours very truly,

Arlyn “Arleigh” Valentine