Jan Willem TeSelle – Letter 3

Firth, Nebraska — 29 February 1936

Jan William TeSelle left Matlock after 1928. He and Jeannette Bogaard TeSelle retired in Firth, Nebraska, about 25 miles south of Lincoln.

[Verbatim typed copy of handwritten letter from J. W. TeSelle. Envelope addressed to Mrs. Sherman Neilson, 1304 “E”  13th St., Pueblo Colorado]

Firth, Neb.   Feb. 29, 1936

Dear Lillie + Sherman
We were glad to receive a letter from Lillie and to see that you were all still well and working.
In your location “you have been sitting pretty” during this record breaking winter. Here at Firth it was not so bad for us who have been seasoned in the north, but others thought it very cold. We had a good supply of snow. But it is now almost gone, and the days are quite warm again. Altho it was a severe winter we did not burn as much fuel as we did in Iowa during mild winters. Our house seems to be quite warm and the arrangement of it. Well it aught to suite us because I spent a whole week studying the old thing before we began to tear down and rebuild. We also like our location, neighborschurch, preacher, choir, climate, etc.etc. I am just home again from the funeral services of
2) one of our nearest neighbours. Mr. J. Kru… died a few days ago. And a cousin of me, John TeSelle, died last night of heart failure. He was a few years younger than I am. At the funeral services a very fine male quartet sang “We are going down the valley.” Yes, so it is many of my age and acquaintances around here have already gone. Our turn may come soon. Well be it so if we are ready for a better world. My health has been very good this winter. I am back to my former weight. The whole family has also been well. I also had a letter from Eugene about the same time I received yours. He seems to like his work very much. From Carolyn we hear quite frequently. Edwin does not write, but his wife writes occasionly. Monday we have a ministers meeting at Rev. M. Duvens. Then I will get out my car for the first time in 1936. Next week I expect to begin gardening. I have persuaded Jimmie to write. He will probably tell you things that I have overlooked. Best wishes to all of you. May Gods blessings be with you all. From your father, with love.    J. W. TeSelle