vs. GensData Pro (GDP)

We have recently expanded the scope of the TeSelle Family Tree and modernized the genealogy computer program by migrating the family tree data from the GensData Pro (GDP) system to the system. Below is a brief comparison of the two.

GensData Pro (GDP) was an early computer implementation of a genealogy database program. GDP tracked data, relationships, and source material for individual family members. The data was displayed as text in a hierarchical manner, but was not available in a graphical display, such as a family tree. The early versions of GDP were stand-alone programs that resided on the genealogist’s computer. The GDP program was not available in a web-based version that could be easily shared among collaborators. developed a web-based genealogy database program that captures data similar to the data captured by GDP. However, the program is very interactive, and is easily shared among many collaborating genealogists. The data can be displayed either in a text format, or else in a variety of graphical charts, including family trees, pedigree charts, descendant charts, and many more. The program integrates with several research databases, document archives, photo libraries, and many repositories of source materials.  These source materials can easily be digitally attached to one or more individuals in the family tree for easy reference.

In both the GDP system and the Ancestry system, privacy is a key issue. In both systems, no names or genealogy data for living individuals is displayed to anyone other than the owner of the database. Anyone else looking at the family tree will only see the word “Private” for any living individual.