Genealogy Integration with

In 2019 we linked this TeSelle Family website to the TeSelle Family Tree contained on The Ancestry framework provides a number of features for the TeSelle Family Tree that will be very helpful to anyone searching his or her TeSelle Family history:

  • The family tree is dynamic rather than static; all our data updates are immediately reflected in the genealogy records.
  • The family tree is interactive; the user can easily move among different persons and view various source records on demand.
  • The tree display is flexible; the user can view profile facts on a specific individual as well as tree layouts showing the relationships among many individuals simultaneously.
  • The tree is extensible; we can now easily add new TeSelle ancestors who may have surnames other than TeSelle (see the article on “The Missing TeSelle Descendants“.)

Each user of the TeSelle Family Tree on will need to create his or her own Ancestry account. Individual registered guest accounts are free to create on and have no expiration date. There is no cost or obligation. Follow this link for more information.  Then please proceed to the next section to Sign Up for a Free Guest Account. [Note: If you are one of our TeSelle Family website users who already has an account, please scroll down to the section below called Linking TeSelle to ]

Sign Up for a Free Guest Account has an informative webpage with details and instructions about creating your free registered guest account. However, their signup explanation does not go far enough. There is a good chance that you may confuse the free registered guest account with a free trial offer. Please continue reading the next few paragraphs before starting the signup process.

As soon as you complete the signup steps for the free account, Ancestry will immediately link you to a webpage that advertises a free trial subscription offer, prominently displaying a button saying something like “Click for a Free Trial.” Someday you may wish to explore a subscription to the databases, but at this point, do not click on a free trial button.

Instead, simply look at whether your name is displayed in the upper right corner of the Ancestry webpage. If it is, then you know that your free guest account has been created. Click on your name and select “Your Account” from the dropdown list. On the “Your Account” page you will see your Name, Username, and email. Make note of your Username, because you will need to send that name to us in the next section below called “Linking TeSelle to”

Finally, click on your name in the upper right corner of the Ancestry page and select “Sign Out.”

OK, got it?? Now that you have been prepared, you are ready to signup for your free registered guest account on Ancestry. Follow this link to the signup page, and be sure to read Ancestry’s requirements regarding allowable passwords. Come back to this page when you have your Username, and proceed to the next section called “Linking TeSelle to”

Linking TeSelle to

Each Ancestry family tree has a single owner who controls the degree of access that other users have to the tree. In the case of the TeSelle Family Tree, the registered owner is Robert TeSelle, who is also one of the authors of this website. If you wish to access the TeSelle Family Tree on, please use our Contact Form to send us your real name, your email address, and your state/country of residence. Enter your Ancestry Username in the Comments field, and describe your connection to the TeSelle family as indicated. We will send you an invitation to view the TeSelle Family Tree on your account.

Exploring the TeSelle Family Tree on

To really get the most benefit from viewing the TeSelle tree on Ancestry, you will need to learn how to navigate within the framework. Below we have included a few brief guides to the most commonly used navigation tasks you will need on the Ancestry Profile Page and on the Family Tree Diagram.    Also, there are a number of short video tutorials offered by Ancestry, which we have listed below. [Note: You may have to click twice on the Play/Pause button to make the videos start playing!]:

If you have questions, comments, or problems, please the Contact Form to communicate with us. We will try to respond promptly to your inquiries.