Letter 12-b

Date (sent): 28 February 1873
Writer: Derk Willem te Selle
Place: Kotten under Winterswijk
Addressee: C. Grutters/Gruter, Wife and friends
Remarks: These brief notes were written on the backside of Letter 12-a.


These brief notes were written on the back of Letter 12-a. The first note was written from Derk Willem te Selle to the Grutters family, and forwarded along with Letter 12-a, as originally requested by G.W. Bloemers in Letter 12-a. The second note was written back to Derk Willem te Selle by G.Z. Bloemers and C.A. Grutters, thanking Derk Willem for forwarding the letter, and returning the original Letter 12-a to Derk Willem as he had requested.

Highly esteemed friends,

C. Grutters with wife and children.

I received this week from my uncle, your brother in law and brother G.W. Bloemers from North America this letter. As he asked me for letting you know the content of this letter I send it to you, and also the portrait. so you can see him on it, and also read from this letter how he is doing. So you can also send it to your other sister. They would like to have and see it very much.

But Grutters, will you be so good as to send me back this letter soon? The old man is longing for a letter in return from us, so I can give an answer to a few questions he posed.

We have for many years not received a letter from him. It is true that he provided us by way of one of my brothers who was also with him sent a few letters.

I would also gladly have brought this letter, but I am not able to face walking all the way to your home.

Furthermore, I let you know that I myself, my wife and children, and also my mother, we are still in good health.

We hope and wish this also for all of you.

Greetings from all of us, the 28th of February 1873.

Derk Willem te Selle
at Kotten under Winterswijk.

Esteemed nephews and nieces. We thank you sincerely because you have sent us these tidings (letter) and noted from it that you are still healthy by God’s blessing. That which delights us greatly and that you are still alive about which we are happy, and as far as we are concerned we cannot do much more. We are both old and if money must be with it, then be so good as to send a (3) foreman (voerman ?). Writing is very difficult for me.

G. Z. Bloemers    C. A. Gruter