Letter 15

Date (sent): 10 june 1874
Writer: J. W. Korschot (Wisconsin) and B.D. ten Damme
Place: Oostburg, Wisconsin
Addressee: Mrs. Diela ten Damme-te Selle and brother
Address (sent to): Winterswijk, Netherlands


A letter to Dela ten Damme-teSelle from her sister and brother-in-law in Wisconsin, encouraging Dela to write to them and tell them about friends and family in the Netherlands.

Here are some of the main topics of the letter:

  • J.W. Korschot and B.D. ten Damme spend most of the letter encouraging Dela to write back to them.
  • Korschot describes their 50 acres of land in Wisconsin, as well as their livestock.

Oostburg, June 10, 1874

Highly regarded brother and sister. Just now I take up the pen to write you a few letters and to let you know that we, by the Lord,s blessing, are still quite well till this day and the same we wish for you.
Now we wish to hear once again, since it is such a long time that we have seen each other face to face, and also a long time that we have heard anything from each other, so that it seems that we are no longer brothers and sisters.
But yes, brother, as long as we are on this side of the grave, I shall think many times how is my brother doing.  Will they be still alive or are they dead. But may you still enjoy the privilege of being alive, then let us know that with a little bit of paper and ink. Because how soon can come to an end with us, and then it is like that poet says, when we enter the valley of death; every  earthly friend leaves us alone. But He the best Friend in distress accompanies us even behind grave and death.
Yes, Brother, may we learn to know that Friend. What a great privilege for every person. But it happens so often as again that poet says, Oh Lord, our heart is as hard as a rock. Even in view of our sins, it does not enter, no it is bound by the stuff of the flesh. Oh Lord, we are missing desire and courage.  We can hardly persuade the narrow flesh and blood.
Now, Brother, I cannot write you much special. We and our children have food enough.
We still have our youngest daughter with us. She is not married yet. We have 50 acres of land, then we rented out 20 acre’s to the daughter of the “Haagesman” and her husband. And we have 3 cows and 2 calves and 2 hogs and one horse. Now I let you know that  people tell us that your youngest son was called into eternity. Let us know some day about it and write us a big letter about the circumstances in Holland – about brothers and sisters and children.
So we will expect a letter soon, and herewith I close with the pen, but not with the heart, and wish you the blessing of the Lord, soul and body, and call myself your brother and sister.
J. W. Korschot

B. D. ten Damme