Letter 21

Date (sent): 01 June 1881
Writer: Gerrit Jan te Selle
Sender: Gerrit Jan te Selle
Place: Holland, Nebraska - Firth area
Addressee: Mrs. Dela ten Damme te Selle
Address (sent to): "Fökkink", Winterswijk, Netherlands


In very religious language Gerrit Jan te Selle writes a short letter to his mother, Dela ten Damme te Selle:

  • Congratulates his mother on the anniversary of her birthday (* 01 June 1802).
  • Hopes that his mother has completely entrusted herself to Jesus.


Holland, Nebraska,  June 1, 1881

Dear Beloved Mother,

As the goodness of the Lord still permits me to write you a letter on this anniversary of your birthday[i], it pleases me to wish you the blessings of the Lord.

This day was very important for me as I was allowed to express my wishes for you to my heavenly Father, although I can do that daily. May He make you, as His child, in accordance with the wishes of Christ, His heir.

Thinking about this moves me to tears and every time I think about it I would like to know whether you have submitted yourself completely to Jesus and if you are incorporated in the ties of mercy.

If so, let then the waves hit our fragile house, and let then our body become free so that it can be lowered into the grave.  This is only to lead us across the river of death the Jordan into the heavenly Canaan.

He wants us to be one with Him like He himself is with His heavenly father. O what wonderful life has been already prepared by His Holy Ghost on this side of the grave! lt is my praying wish that you may sing, together with me, the eternal song of Moses and the Lamb, among the Rows of Angels.

Your son,   G.J. Teselle

I am tired and wish for my bed. My head is a bit better.

[i]. 1 June 1802