“De Start in de Verenigde Staten” – door Norma Prophet-TeSelle

Norma TeSelle Prophet compiled this historical document to trace the evolution of the TeSelle Family in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

The Start in the United States
By Norma Te Selle – Prophet
Firth, Nebraska – December 2000

Norma TeSelle Prophet wrote a detailed history of three Te Selle brothers that emigrated from the Netherlands to the United States in the mid-1860’s to raise their families and to seek a better life. Harmen Jan te Selle (Norma’s grandfather) traveled from Holland via steamship with his older brother Jan Hendrik. They spent the first few years in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and then later homesteaded fertile farmland in Lancaster County, Nebraska. A third brother, Gerrit Jan te Selle, later joined his brothers in Nebraska.

Table of Contents

  • Te Selle Brothers Emigrated to America
  • Getting Acclimated to New Surroundings
  • John Henry Te Selle[1. Throughout her document, Norma Prophet “Americanized” the names of Dutch immigrants, rather than use the original spelling of their names. Therefore, “Jan Hendrik te Selle” became “John Henry Te Selle”, and “Harmen Jan te Selle” became “Herman John Te Selle”.] Came to Nebraska in 1870.
  • Herman John Te Selle Came to Nebraska in 1871
  • Gerrit John Te Selle
  • Prairie Fire Near Firth, Nebraska
  • Population Explosion
  • Reports on “Production of Agriculture”

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