Onnink, Hanna Berendina (1841-1929)

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Hanna Berendina Onnink (1841-1929) was born in Kotten, Netherlands, on December 2, 1841. Hanna married Jan Hendrik te Selle in Winterswijk, Netherlands, on September 28, 1865, and they departed the next day, along with Jan Hendrik’s younger brother, Harmen Jan te Selle, on an epic journey to America.

After their voyage to America, Hanna and Jan Hendrik first settled with Jan Hendrik’s aunt and uncle, Janna te Selle Bloemers and Gerrit Willem Bloemers, near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. After a few years as a Wisconsin farm family, Hanna and Jan Hendrik and their three children moved to Lancaster County, Nebraska, where land was plentiful and available for homesteading.

Hanna and Jan Hendrik settled in the village of Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska, where they had ten children, eight of whom lived into adulthood. These children, and their eventual spouses, are listed below:

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Hanna Berendina Onnink te Selle died on March 17, 1929, in Firth, Lancaster County, Nebraska. She is buried in Holland Cemetery, Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska, along with her husband, Jan Hendrik, and nearby to his two immigrant brothers and their spouses.