TeSelle, Hanna Gesiena (1880-1944)

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Hanna Gesiena “Jessena” TeSelle (1880-1944) was born in Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska on 6 May 1880. She was the daughter of Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Hanna Berendina Onnink (1841-1929).

Jessena married Richard “Dick” Thomas Liesveld (1879-1956) on 3 April 1902. The wedding ceremony was conducted by Jessena’s older brother, Rev. Jan Willem (John William) TeSelle (1867-1945). Jessena and Dick had 8 children together, although first-born Cecil only lived for two years:

  • Cecil Thomas Liesveld (1903-1905)
  • John H. Liesveld (1905-1975) [Spouse: Alice Wells Chase (1906-1994)]
  • Bernice Liesveld (1907-1993) [Spouse: Theodore “Teddy” Earnest. Dye (1905-1979)]
  • Amy Liesveld (1909-2003) [Spouse: Monroe Graff (1907-1975); Allen R. Scott (1911-1978)]
  • Evelyn Liesveld (1911-2012) [Spouse: Samuel H. DeVries (1911-1991)]
  • Thomas D. Liesveld (1912-1993) [Spouse: Betty Jean Dickson (1919-2011)]
  • Dorothea Liesveld (1915-2014) [Spouse: Elmer Herman Block (1909-2000)]
  • Betty J. Liesveld (1926- ) [Spouse: Derrell Scott Evans ()]

Jessena TeSelle Liesveld died on 24 November 1944 at a local hospital in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. According to her obituary, she had been seriously ill for several months, but kept the information from her family and friends to spare them the worry.

Dick Liesveld died on 7 February 1956. Dick and Jessena are both buried in the Holland Cemetery, Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska.




Hanna died on 24 November 1944 in Holland, Nebraska.