Place: Winterswijk, NL

Winterswijk is a municipality and a town in the eastern Netherlands,  situated in the Achterhoek, which lies in the easternmost part of the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. All of the towns and farms listed in the “Netherlands” group are located in and around Winterswijk.

te Selle, Gerrit Jan (1917-1983)

te Selle, Gerrit Jan (1917-1983), portrait, about 1976

Born: August 3, 1917, in Winterswijk-Dorpbuurt, Netherlands Died: April 27, 1983, in Winterswijk, Netherlands Married: July 4, 1942, to Janna Gesiena Toebes Gerrit was born as a second son in the family of Derk Willem te Selle and Grada Johanna Demkes in Winterswijk in the building on Bocholtsestraat where later the supermarket and bakery of… Read more »

Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921)

Family of John Henry (Jan Hendrik) te Selle and Hannah Onnink te Selle (about 1890)

Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) was born on the “De Selle” farm, near Winterswijk, Netherlands. Jan Hendrik, his wife Hannah Onnink (1841-1929), and Jan Hendrik’s younger brother, Harmen Jan te Selle (1844-1919), emigrated to the United States in 1865. At first, they lived with their aunt and uncle, Gerrit and Janna te Selle Bloemers, near Sheboygan,… Read more »

Johan Christiaan te Selle (1899-1970)

Johan Christiaan, Bertus, Thea, and Geertruida van Eerden te Selle

Johan Christiaan and his wife Trui (Gertruida) te Selle purchased the old oil mill (Olliemölle) of Winterswijk in the mid-1920’s.  Both of Johan and Trui’s children, Bertus and Thea, were born at the “Olliemölle”, and have fond memories of growing up there.

te Selle, Jan Albert (1800-1845)

Jan Albert te Selle was born in 1800 in Woold, Netherlands, on the farm known as “de Selle” or “Selleman,” from which the name “te Selle” was originally derived. Jan Albert and wife Dela ten Damme had seven sons. Unfortunately, Jan Albert died unexpectedly in 1845, leaving Dela alone to raise seven young boys. Three of these boys emigrated to America. They and their extended families created and populated many of the farms in present-day Lancaster County, Nebraska.

te Selle, Gerrit Jan (1841-1921)

Gerrit Jan te Selle, 1841-1921

Gerrit Jan te Selle (1841-1921) emigrated from the “De Selle” farm in Winterswijk, NL, and eventually settled on farmland near Panama, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Voyage to America – 1873

Gerrit Jan te Selle (1841-1921), a brother of Jan Hendrik and Harmen Jan te Selle who emigrated in 1865, emigrated from Winterswijk in 1873 with his wife and family to join his brothers in America.

Coat of Arms Description

The Te Selle Coat of Arms is not a crest from ancient times, but rather is a recent creation by Dirk Willem te Selle, whose combined his knowledge of history, his fascination with heraldry, and his familiarity with the Te Selle family, in order to create this striking family coat of arms.

Coat of Arms

Te Selle Family Coat of Arms

Did the Te Selle family have a coat of arms? Historically, no — but there is one now!

Water Mill “De Olliemölle”

Source: Written by Dirk Willem te Selle, Enschede, NL, based on conversations with Thea te Selle – Loonen, March 2005. Introduction Undoubtedly the old water mill of Den Helder situated at the brook of the Slinge is one of the most pleasant places in Winterswijk. The vicinity of the Slinge is a brook landscape. In… Read more »