Place: Wisconsin, USA

Schreurs, Manus John (1864-1952)

Manus John Schreurs (1864-1952), son of Manus Schreurs (1824-1865) and Berendina Aleida Reusink (1841-1876), was born on December 17, 1864, in Cedar Grove, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. When baby Manus John was only 10 months old, his father Manus died, on October 22, 1865. His mother Berendina was left alone to raise her young son. The… Read more »

te Selle, Harmen Jan (1839-1916)

Harmen Jan te Selle (1839 - 1916)

Harmen Jan te Selle (1839-1916) turned out to be quite an itinerant immigrant during his life in the United States. Harmen Jan arrived first in Wisconsin in 1866, moved to Iowa in 1878, and finally settled in Montana from 1891 until his death in 1916. We know very little about his life and activities in… Read more »

TeSelle, Janna Geertruida (1866-1946)

Janna TeSelle was born in Oostburg, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, on 31 January 1866. She is the first child of Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Hanna Berendina Onnink (1841-1929). Janna was born just three months after her parents landed in New York after traveling across the Atlantic from the Netherlands. The family traveled from New… Read more »

TeSelle, Dela “Dillie” (1869-1971)

Dela (“Dillie”) TeSelle (1869-1971) was born in Oostburg, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin on 4 April 1869. She was the daughter of Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Hanna Berendina Onnink (1841-1929). Dela moved with her family to Lancaster County, Nebraska when she was only one year old. She married Gerrit William Ten Huizen in 1887. After… Read more »

TeSelle, Dela (1868-1900)

Dela (Dillije) TeSelle is the first-born child of Harmen Jan te Selle and Berendina Aleida Reusink. She was born on April 21, 1968, in Holland, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. She moved with the family from Wisconsin to Firth, Lancaster County, Nebraska. She died on February 13, 1900. Dela TeSelle and Dick Abbink were married in Nebraska on… Read more »

Reusink, Berendina Aleida (1841-1876)

Berendina A. Reusink Schreurs (1841-1876) and baby Manus Schreurs (1864-1952)

Berendina A. Reusink was born on January 29, 1841, in Lintelo, Aalten Municipality, Gelderland, Netherlands. She married Manus Schreurs (1824-1865). On December 17, 1864, they had a son, Manus John Schreurs, born in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, Berendina’s husband Manus died eleven months later, on October 22, 1865, in Cedar Grove, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Berendina… Read more »

Letter 15

A letter to Dela ten Damme-teSelle from her sister and brother-in-law in Wisconsin, encouraging Dela to write to them and tell them about friends and family in the Netherlands.

“The Start in the United States” – by Norma TeSelle Prophet

Norma TeSelle Prophet wrote a detailed history of three Te Selle brothers that emigrated from the Netherlands to the United States in the mid-1800’s to raise their families and to seek a better living. In October 1865 Harmen Jan te Selle (Norma’s grandfather) traveled from Holland via steamship with his older brother Jan Hendrik. They spent the first few years in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and then later homesteaded fertile farmland in Lancaster County, Nebraska. A third brother, Gerrit Jan te Selle, later joined his brothers in Nebraska in 1873.

TeSelle, Jan Willem (John William) (1867-1945)

John William TeSelle, 1867-1945

Jan Willem (John William) TeSelle, son of Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Hanna Berendina Onnink (1841-1929), was born in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in 1867.

Early te Selle Emigrants

Who were some of the early emigrants from the Netherlands?  Based on the genealogy records, we identified the following te Selle family members who were born in the Netherlands, and died in the United States in the location shown.  We don’t yet know exactly when they emigrated, but perhaps some of their American descendants will… Read more »