te Selle, Jan Albert (1869-1941)

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Jan Albert te Selle (1869-1941) was born on September 17, 1869, in Bredevoort, Netherlands, the son of Gerrit Jan te Selle (1841-1921) and Anna Jonker (1843-1908). In July 1873, shortly before his fourth birthday, Jan Albert was brought to the United States by his parents, along with Jan Albert’s little sister, Willemina Elisabeth (1871-1919). Gerrit Jan and his family were emigrating from the Netherlands to Lancaster County, Nebraska, to join Gerrit Jan’s brothers, Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Harmen Jan te Selle (1844-1919).

In 1892 Jan Albert married Minnie Sikkink (1866-1930). During their marriage, Jan Albert and Minnie had six daughters, but no sons:

  • Anna TeSelle (1893-1971) [Spouse: Dick Vandewege (1890-1957)]
  • Jane Jennie TeSelle (1895-1973)  [Spouse: Corneilius Vandewege (1892-1973)]
  • Emma TeSelle (1898-1987)  [Spouses: David Bryant Tickner (1894-1960); Ed Van Sande (1894-1973)]
  • Edith TeSelle (1903-1993)  [Spouse: Raymond Earl TeSelle (1901-1959)]
  • Florence TeSelle (1906-1997 )  [Spouse: Richard Earl Ten Hulzen (1904-1980)]
  • Bertha TeSelle (1908-1979)  [Spouse: Richard Lefferdink (1907-1984)]

Jan’s wife, Minnie Sikkink TeSelle, died May 21, 1930, in Lancaster County, Nebraska. Jan Albert te Selle died April 8, 1941, at his home south of Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Jan and Minnie are both buried at the Holland Cemetery, Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska