te Selle, Janna (1796-1870)

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Janna te Selle was born in Woold, Winterswijk, Netherlands, on 19 September 1796, the daughter of Teunis te Selle (1765-1822) and Dela Wilterdink (1768-1803). She was baptized in Winterswijk on 25 September 1796. Janna and her younger brother Jan Albert te Selle (1800-1845) were the only children from Teunis’ marriage to Dela Wilterdink. Dela died prematurely at the age of 35. Teunis remarried Janna Gesiena Esselinkpas (1779-1842), and they had four more children who lived into adulthood.

Janna te Selle married Gerrit Willem Bloemers (1794-1889) in Winterswijk, Netherlands, on 2 June 1819. The couple and five of their six children emigrated from the Netherlands to Wisconsin, USA, in 1846. Their oldest daughter emigrated later with her husband, Jan Hendrik Wilterdink, after they married in 1847. They all eventually settled in Holland Township, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Gerrit Willem was a farmer near Gibbsville, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

Gerrit and Janna had six children, whose genealogical data is listed in a Family Record sheet provided to us by Ione Heinen of Oostburg, Wisconsin.

  • Christina Bloemers (1820-1863) [Spouse: Jan Hendrik Wilterdink (1818-1889)]
  • Tobias Bloemers (1822-1915) [Spouse: Alida Pietenpol (1834-1898)]
  • Johanna Dora Bloemers (1826-1918) [Spouse: Jan Willem Woordes (1820-1900)]
  • Gerrit Jan Bloemers (1830-1847)
  • Janna Gesiena Bloemers (1834-1910) [Spouse: Garret Jan ten Dolle (1827-0908]
  • Janna Willemina Bloemers (1838-1931) [Spouse: Garret Bruggink (1833-1913)]

All of the Bloemer children were born in Winterswijk, Netherlands.

Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) and Harmen Jan te Selle (1844-1919), who emigrated to Wisconsin in 1865, were the nephews of Janna te Selle Bloemers. When Jan Hendrik and Harmen Jan arrived in Wisconsin, they stayed with “Uncle Bloemers” and “Aunt Janna” until Jan Hendrik and Harmen Jan could afford their own lodging.

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