Source: Nebraska, Holland Cemetery, Lancaster County

Nebraska, Lancaster County, Holland Township, Holland Cemetery, Tombstone data

te Selle, Gerrit Jan (1841-1921)

Gerrit Jan te Selle, 1841-1921

Gerrit Jan te Selle (1841-1921) emigrated from the “De Selle” farm in Winterswijk, NL, and eventually settled on farmland near Panama, Lancaster County, Nebraska.

te Selle, Harmen Jan (1844-1919)

Harmen Jan te Selle, 1844-1919

Harmen Jan te Selle (1844-1919) was born on the “De Selle” farm, near Winterswijk, Netherlands. He and brother Jan Hendrik te Selle (1838-1921) emigrated to Wisconsin in 1865, where they lived with their Aunt Janna and Uncle Gerrit Bloemers. Within a few years the brothers moved from Wisconsin to Lancaster County, Nebraska, where they homesteaded farm land, raised their families, and remained for the rest of their lives.