Source: Nebraska, Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, Lancaster County

Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Gerrit Henry TeSelle (1894-1953)

Gerrit H. TeSelle in World War I Uniform

Gerrit Henry TeSelle was born in Firth, Lancaster County, Nebraska on 19 August 1894. He was the son of Harmen Jan te Selle and Johanna Arnolda Brethouwer. Gerrit enlisted in the U. S. Army on 25 July 1918, as a Private in the Infantry, Company “D”, 14th Machine Gun Battalion, 5th Division.  He was honorably… Read more »

TeSelle, Gerrit Henry (1894-1953)

TeSelle Gerrit H. (1894-19530 Portrait, about 1919

Gerrit H. TeSelle was the youngest son of Harmen Jan te Selle (1844-1919). Gerrit served in WWI and then came back home to Firth, Nebraska. He married Pearl Spellman and they had two children.